Corner Shower Doors

There are many benefits of the corner shower. Let's start with a brief explanation of what these showers are. These showers are usually triangular and are designed to save space in today's bathrooms. They are made of pre-built fiberglass panels and already have previously cut holes to facilitate the water supply.

In the past, this type of shower was not known for its beauty and style, but it has changed in recent years with contemporary showers. The ability to save space makes them very useful for many other areas.

Today, these showers are used in hotels and motels and are perfect for homeowners who try to make space in an existing bathroom.

Although almost all corner showers are fiberglass, there are still many styles. Most of them have showers doors that will open in the room. Normally, magnets are fitted into the metal frame around the door. Usually, there are two types of door, curve and slider or door with flat panel. The door style usually represents the mood of the room. With good lighting and tiles around these showers, they look incredible.

Corner shower enclosure are very similar to quadrant enclosure. However, while quadrant are rounded, corner enclosure have a straight edge, making the lines cleaner and giving a cleaner look to the bathroom. This style of packaging is one of the most competitive with bathrooms, as it fits almost anywhere if we assume there is enough space.

The straight line design offers a much larger shower area than many other similar enclosures. Doors are configured in the same way as quadrant enclosure where they are often centered and slide on both sides; creating a generous entrance to the bathroom.

Our shower enclosure doors are the perfect complement to the modern industrial style of the bathroom with exceptional looks. The window and final hardware will add a bold style to any bathroom. This corner shower door is designed for corner installation that provides an effective solution to maximize space. Update your bathroom style with our corner shower doors. We have the best solution for your shower project.

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